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A series of interviews used by Family Wealth Advisers to assess the business, family, and legacy objectives of wealthy individuals.

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Source Material
  • We loaded 10 questionnaires into an empty Viewpoint 360 template. Each questionnaire corresponds to a specific interview that will take place.
  • Questions were reformatted to create a short title for each question. This makes it easier to navigate and find a place in the questionnaire.
  • Questionnaires were divided into two groups, one for business owners, and the other for family interviews.
  • A Viewpoint 360 applet was created for each of the 10 questionnaires. Each applet fills in one section of the overall template, so the results can be reviewed as a single document.
  • This app also includes standard applets for administering the template and controlling access to questionnaire answers.

Product Description

This is a demonstration of a data collection form used by Family Wealth Leadership to assess investment strategies for business owners and wealthy investors. The form is used as part of a multi-session interview process that characterizes family needs and potential business transition strategies. For information about the services that Family Wealth Leadership offers, please contact them at this link.

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