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Fill in this financial profile to assess and use it to evaluate investments.

Source Material


  • A standard set of questions from online PDF documents were loaded into an empty viewpoint 360 template.
  • Questions were reformatted slightly to create titles for easy navigation.
  • Overlapping questions in the three PDF questionnaires where isolated and moved to the front of the template.
  • Subsets of the questions were isolated into 3 applets for documenting investor profiles, financial goals, and risk tolerance.
  • A fourth applet does client suitability assessment.
  • All the applets record information for the same investor identity.


Product Description

This profile questionnaire is derived from Customer Profile questions on the TD website. It is meant as a demonstration of how a data input form can be turned into a decision-support framework.

Each investor has unique investment needs and risk tolerance. It's important that financial advisors and investors reach a common understanding of what the investor is trying to accomplish with their portfolio.

The questionnaire isn't the unique part of this app. It is simply a structured way to collect investor information. The unique part of the app is the way the collected information can be used to how well potential investments match the investor's profile and to highlight where the investor's stated objectives and risk tolerance don't match their investment decisions.

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