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Create a job posting, provide an online form to collect applicant information and invite a team to score and rank applicants.

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  • This App was created from the default viewpoint 360 template.
  • We reviewed several 100 online job postings to identify the dominant pattern. Most postings contain a job description, personal information section, basic criteria for the job, and preferred criteria.
  • We structured the App with these main sections, creating defaults where appropriate.
  • We added a final section that is not shared with the applicant. This is used by the hiring team to assess an applicant's potential fit in the organization.

There are three Applets in this App:

  1. An admin Applet to configure job qualifications and invite the hiring team members
  2. An online application form suitable for sending an email or embedding in a website
  3. A scoring and ranking Applet for the team to review candidates.

Product Description

  • Clone this app to create an online job posting. the app provides sections for a job description, required qualifications, desirable qualifications and subjective criteria used to capture the hiring team's impressions of the candidates.
  • Once applications have been received, invite your evaluation team to pre-screen candidates before in-person or video interviews. This saves time by eliminating candidates that don't match requirements before interviews take place.
  • Use the scoring tool to capture impressions and score / rescore candidates during interviews.

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