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Streamline your Keiretsu Forum Due Diligence process with Viewpoint's custom decision template. We've automated one of the most rigorous venture capital due diligence processes, cutting the effort needed by the due diligence team and accelerating timelines to help company management reach their funding goals.

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The Keiretsu Forum's due diligence process is best of breed. It mobilizes of a team of volunteer investors to work with company management to document business opportunities for potential investors. Over the past two decades, Keiretsu has refined its process in thousands of successful due diligence efforts, evolving frameworks that mobilize the expertise and business experience of the volunteer team.

Viewpoint founders volunteered for Keiretsu teams to develop a clear understanding of due diligence challenges. From this, we designed a streamlined decision framework that cuts the effort for the company and volunteers, accelerates timelines, and ensures the right questions are asked and answered.

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