A simple, easy-to-complete input form that creates an affidavit for a divorce in British Columbia. This collects the information you need so your lawyer or legal advisers can be as efficient as possible.

A demonstration of automated scoring using three different viewpoints to evaluate 50 customer profiles.

A series of interviews used by Family Wealth Advisers to assess the business, family, and legacy objectives of wealthy individuals.

Create a profile that documents an investor's risk tolerance and financial objectives.

Fill in this financial profile to assess and use it to evaluate investments.

Create a job posting, provide an online form to collect applicant information and invite a team to score and rank applicants.

This is an online version of the paper "Gold Sheet" used in Keiretsu Forum screening meetings. The App allows Investors to record and share their impressions of Company pitches.

Streamline your Keiretsu Forum Due Diligence process with Viewpoint's custom decision template. We've automated one of the most rigorous venture capital due diligence processes, cutting the effort needed by the due diligence team and accelerating timelines to help company management reach their funding goals.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system. Standards have been developed for virtually all types of buildings. LEED uses a point system to assess how well a building or proposed building meets the environmental objectives.

An example of Viewpoint 360 used to create a Request for Proposal (RFP) solicitation and evaluation decision model. 

Software-as-a-Service KPIs show how a business ranks against its peers. 

Mobilize your team and advisors to help you craft the most compelling pitch deck to show off your company.

Smart Index is a composite scoring system that de-risks complex decisions and enables actions supported by artificial intelligence. It has infinite applications, they range from evaluating investments, to startups, products, services, and more. Best of all, it allows teams and groups to collaborate, and integrate their inputs into one unified metric. This reduces the risk of myopic thinking, and over-bearing individual biases.  

Use this App to turn Stakeholder requests into a formal set of requirements.

Find the synergies between your business concepts and Viewpoint's Decision Frameworks and Apps. 

Evaluate potential triple-bottom-line impacts and benefits of your projects.

Proof-of-Concept Investment evaluation framework for VectorPoint Ventures. This integrates conventional Due Diligence questions with a triple-bottom-line evaluation template.

Use a Viewpoint 360 Due Diligence Framework to review Viewpoint AI's business plan.